How to wear bold statement jewelry

Tessa Freshwater Pearl Tassel NecklaceAs a recent issue of Vogue said, “the statement necklace is back, ladies – We hear you, did it ever really go away?”

Wearing bold, chunky statement jewelry is not governed by strict fashion rules and convention, so let your personality be your guide.  Lean a bit more to a conservative wardrobe? One colorful, impressive statement necklace can add a bit of sizzle to your look without compromising your core style.  Find yourself wearing the same earrings all the time? Mix it up with long, dangly chandelier earrings and a wide cuff bracelet and watch your attitude soar!

Dramatic statement jewelry is the perfect finishing touch for everything from bridal, formal wear and cocktail dresses -- to your most comfortable t-shirt and jeans.  We have compiled five easy tips on how to make sizzling fashion jewelry work best for your look...

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